Tuesday, October 31, 2023

How Being Thankful Can Help You Heal (#relaxing music)

 I was in a very dark place at one time, not so long ago. My home-life was a mess. We’d just been through a natural disaster that wiped out everything we had; now my husband has gone ‘off the rails!’ Living in a new town, in a much smaller, less comfortable home is rough. He’d had a terrible fight with our teenage son, who has decided to move out. My husband isn’t here right now either, so maybe I’ll just open a window and Scream!

Sometimes life can become so much of a challenge that ‘screaming’ seems to help, somehow.

Here’s another thing that will help. 

Go outside & take a walk. And as you walk, notice everything.

That’s right. Just ‘greet’ every single thing you see. The tree trunk, the wildflower, the trash lying around…whatever you see! 

If you can’t get outside, walk around where you are. If you have legs to walk, you have something to be grateful for. Think about it. No matter how bad things are, things could actually be even worse.

So here’s a new challenge! 

Just breathe, look around, and be grateful.

According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, the feeling of Gratitude works like a “magic pill” to improve mood, sleep, alleviate depression, anxiety & even chronic pain!

Here’s a relaxing musical track to help along that journey to a peaceful place!

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