Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Stress-Reduction: This is a Proven Solution!

 The summertime heat has me hot! No, really. I mean, “Hot!”

...Not just the feeling that I’m flushed, but edgy, touchy, more than a little anxious.

Actually, this is a common feeling during the hot, summer months. Traffic, responsibilities, schedules-to-keep, work, family-life, not to mention, the weather. The weather...It is so unpredictable. The only thing you can count on is --- it’s hot!

With all this going on, watching the news, watching my wallet, watching the bank account, the bills, the children, the elderly parents...there’s a lot of stress going on, too. Stress and worry can cause tension headaches, sleepless nights, even missed meals, or too many snacks-of-the-tummy-ache-kind!

Thank goodness for Music!

And thank God for creating “ears to hear!”

Simply put, Music is a powerful weapon 

  • to fight stress, 
  • tame conflict, and 
  • energize a room!  Do a search on your Internet browser: 

“Music helps to absorb negative energy, & so it actually calms in times of stress or worry. “

Relax. Just breathe. Let the positive energy flow through you. Feel the vibrations!

What Helps Me Sleep When Nothing Else Does

The American Sleep Association ® has  compiled some very interesting statistics that relate to sleep and sleep disorders.From this list, it will be apparent that there is significant amount of sleep issues and sleepiness in our society. The public health consequences from sleep disorders and sleepiness are staggering.”

Fact is, I suffer with many sleep disorders, not just one! My husband also has multiple sleep-issues.

Lack of sleep, restless nights, late nights-and-early mornings visit my life more days than I care to count. And, by the way, that counting-thing doesn’t work, either.

Sleep deprivation has its origin in the emotional, unseen realm that swirls around our physical space & time. So you have to fight it with something equally spiritual & emotional. 

  • Something that permeates space & yes, even time. 

  • Something transforming and transporting. 

  • Something that can move the “subconscious, thinking, physical me” to another place! 

Sweet Dreamland!

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