Tuesday, October 31, 2023

How Being Thankful Can Help You Heal (#relaxing music)

 I was in a very dark place at one time, not so long ago. My home-life was a mess. We’d just been through a natural disaster that wiped out everything we had; now my husband has gone ‘off the rails!’ Living in a new town, in a much smaller, less comfortable home is rough. He’d had a terrible fight with our teenage son, who has decided to move out. My husband isn’t here right now either, so maybe I’ll just open a window and Scream!

Sometimes life can become so much of a challenge that ‘screaming’ seems to help, somehow.

Here’s another thing that will help. 

Go outside & take a walk. And as you walk, notice everything.

That’s right. Just ‘greet’ every single thing you see. The tree trunk, the wildflower, the trash lying around…whatever you see! 

If you can’t get outside, walk around where you are. If you have legs to walk, you have something to be grateful for. Think about it. No matter how bad things are, things could actually be even worse.

So here’s a new challenge! 

Just breathe, look around, and be grateful.

According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, the feeling of Gratitude works like a “magic pill” to improve mood, sleep, alleviate depression, anxiety & even chronic pain!

Here’s a relaxing musical track to help along that journey to a peaceful place!

Sunday, October 1, 2023

I Wonder Why Sitting Still Helps. (Free Guide!)

 Meditation Works Wonders

"I believe that knowledge is power. Everyone should improve

themselves and/or, no matter what stage in life they're in.

Whether it's to develop a better mindset or to increase profits. Moving

forward is key."

Uncomplicate your day with simplicity and a clear mind & heart. is an open invitation. If you forget to start your day with gratitude today, tomorrow you can begin again. That’s the beauty of life! It offers us another chance to ‘get it right.’

Simply structured, meditation can be beneficial for so many reasons and in so many ways. But if it’s made to be complicated, it can actually get in the way of productivity, or it can be a useless thought, never put into action, because it just takes too much time and/or effort.

So I offer this solution. Four simple steps to a ‘quick-fix’ for anyone seeking an easier way!

Here’s all you’ll need:

  • A relaxing environment:

  • Posture or movement

  • Focus

  • An open mind

I have an e-book to share with my readers, to help you along your meditation journey. It's Free for you, retailing for $7.00 USD.

CLICK HERE for your Free “Beginner’s Guide to Meditation!” 

Meditation, according to the Mayo Clinic Organization, (mayoclinic.org), has so many professional and personal benefits (including reduction of stress and depression, and reduction of troubling physical symptoms), that I cannot begin to list them all here!

So that is why I recommend you GET YOUR FREE “Beginner’s Guide to Meditation” tonight!

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Feeling Anxious? Try this.

 According to the experts, music can have a tremendous effect on your state of mind, and even your mood.

The essential key to this solution is to use the Right Kind of Music. If you listen to music that is too loud, or music with complicated lyrics or a jumpy beat, it can have the opposite effect!

My favorite thing, after a particularly stressful day, is to get alone, change into my most comfortable pajamas, prepare my favorite beverage,  and turn on a sound that’s sure to calm me! Light jazz or Easy-Listening music.

Also, sounds of rain, thunder and nature sounds put me in the relaxed mood I’m craving.


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Stress-Reduction: This is a Proven Solution!

 The summertime heat has me hot! No, really. I mean, “Hot!”

...Not just the feeling that I’m flushed, but edgy, touchy, more than a little anxious.

Actually, this is a common feeling during the hot, summer months. Traffic, responsibilities, schedules-to-keep, work, family-life, not to mention, the weather. The weather...It is so unpredictable. The only thing you can count on is --- it’s hot!

With all this going on, watching the news, watching my wallet, watching the bank account, the bills, the children, the elderly parents...there’s a lot of stress going on, too. Stress and worry can cause tension headaches, sleepless nights, even missed meals, or too many snacks-of-the-tummy-ache-kind!

Thank goodness for Music!

And thank God for creating “ears to hear!”

Simply put, Music is a powerful weapon 

  • to fight stress, 
  • tame conflict, and 
  • energize a room!  Do a search on your Internet browser: 

“Music helps to absorb negative energy, & so it actually calms in times of stress or worry. “

Relax. Just breathe. Let the positive energy flow through you. Feel the vibrations!

What Helps Me Sleep When Nothing Else Does

The American Sleep Association ® has  compiled some very interesting statistics that relate to sleep and sleep disorders.From this list, it will be apparent that there is significant amount of sleep issues and sleepiness in our society. The public health consequences from sleep disorders and sleepiness are staggering.”


Fact is, I suffer with many sleep disorders, not just one! My husband also has multiple sleep-issues.

Lack of sleep, restless nights, late nights-and-early mornings visit my life more days than I care to count. And, by the way, that counting-thing doesn’t work, either.

Sleep deprivation has its origin in the emotional, unseen realm that swirls around our physical space & time. So you have to fight it with something equally spiritual & emotional. 

  • Something that permeates space & yes, even time. 

  • Something transforming and transporting. 

  • Something that can move the “subconscious, thinking, physical me” to another place! 

Sweet Dreamland!

Monday, July 10, 2023

Social Anxiety Solution, 2023 (Free Download!)

There is something magical about feeling well & socially connected! 
You feel like you can accomplish just about anything!

Since the Covid19 pandemic, more Americans are suffering with social anxiety that keeps them from the comforts and joys we experienced before! 

I, for one, feel uncomfortable in a crowded elevator, or in close spaces with people I don't know. Even family members who I haven't seen in months or years cause me discomfort when they want to hug and kiss. 

But there is magic in feeling connected, and feeling fearless in these situations! The smiles are genuine, the laughter is hardier, and there's a warmth that you feel because there is no anxiety, no discomfort, no hesitation. Just having a good time, and feeling good!

Get the "411" on how to stay well, stay socially connected and feeling great!

CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW for a Life-Changing video! 
by Dr. Lauren Neaman, 
Chief Clinical Officer of The National Anxiety Center

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Need to Relax Quickly Tonight?


Life is complicated! Frustrating! Challenging!

Now, after a long, difficult day, I can't sleep!

Eating this late at night just makes things even more complicated! 

I need help. I'm all out of Melatonin...no Tylenol or sleep-aids in the house!

What else is there? 

There's this! Music...


Thursday, May 11, 2023

Why Music Helps You to Fall Asleep


There is actually a scientific reason why music helps you to fall asleep.

Some people think it's because they are listening to their favorite songs or their saved playlists.


But it's more technical than that! Yes, I did use the word "technical" in the reference to Music of all things!


According to the Sleep Foundation, the flow of the music through the air calms parts of your 'autonomic nervous system.'

What happens next is the amazing thing about the human body!


  • Your breathing slows,

  • your heart rate goes down, and

  • even your blood pressure regulates.


So the next time you're struggling through the late hours to fall asleep,

try listening the flow of calming music!

For more calming music, visit me on Soundcloud tonight!

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

How Music Helps Heal Your Mind


Playing music, singing, dancing and listening to music can not only improve your coping ability, it can help your body heal!

In fact, according to Hopkins Medicine, if you want to exercise your brain, it's recommended that you "listen to music!"

Their findings were quite amazing! The results were the researchers' suggestions of methods to bring benefits to your entire life!
*Memory recall
*Choose your "favorites" wisely. The kind of music that works for one, may not work for another. So listen to your body.

  • Allow yourself the luxury of music...
  • Loose your worries for just a few minutes...
  • Focus on an object in your line-of-sight, and think of nothing else for 2 minutes...

Create a playlist today and try to relax for awhile!

Monday, March 20, 2023

Your Most Valuable Asset (Protecting your Mental Health)

Are you searching for a way to change your life for the better? For the long-term?

Here are 3 easy, basic steps to a fantastic journey to your destination to better mental wellness!

We are, for certain, expecting a successful outcome in any situation. We are anticipating having enough “extra money” to change the way we live! “Extra” enough to live better, and abundantly. We are expecting good heath, adequate strength for 'having a good day!'


But first, there are basic things that Have to happen. 


  1. Know your heart, and know why you have chosen that particular goal. Your REASON WHY is your most valuable asset!

Soul-searching hurts, but it's necessary for my future. It's starring in the mirror at the one you don't want to see!


No matter what you're facing in life, you can boost your courage and your will-power, to envision any goal you choose. With clarity, you can endure the disappointments, the set-backs & the rejection & negativity of others.  You will be able to make insightful decisions with calmness and stable resolution! Now, I speak to myself ..I use daily, minute-by-minute affirmations, like…


  • I am capable.
  • I got this.
  • I'm important.
  • I matter.
  • I will not quit.
  • I look good.


  1. Plan your day. Knowing where you are going, you will be able to outline your “map” to getting there. Using a notebook will help you review your “road map” everyday, and check-off your list of tasks as you complete each one. You’ll feel empowered when you look back over your list and see what you’ve accomplished! Don't settle for sitting all day...doing nothing. Even if you can't walk, maybe you can write, or draw, or paint, or sew, or anything creative!


  1. Tap into your personal power to tackle your pain or discomfort with steady CONFIDENCE, using the power of prayer and meditation to tackle anything that life brings your way.


For more inspiration, uplifting, healing music, visit Saint Andrew's blog!